Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “Portrait of a nanny”

Description of the painting by Zinaida Serebryakova “Portrait of a nanny”

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Katrina was painted in oil on canvas in 1907.

Zinaida Evgenievna Serebryakova is an artist who was engaged in creativity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. She lived in Russia and was a unique person, because in the painting there were only men. But Serebryakov did not stop it. She left a lot of paintings that are valued in our country. The female artist became one of the first in the history of world painting.

Born in a family where parents were associated with art, Serebryakova was no stranger to creativity. But she did not receive special education. She earned her professionalism and skill through titanic labor, high self-criticism and constant self-education.

Serebryakova became a master of portraiture. She constantly worked in kind. Zinaida Evgenievna organized the first exhibition in 1910, after which she gained popularity in creative circles. She began to be considered a new phenomenon of the 20th century.

Among her works in the portrait genre is the painting “Portrait of a Nanny”. This is not the only portrait of this subject that the artist created under the influence of a simple peasant life on it. Serebryakova was attracted by the simplicity of their life, not the simplicity of the plots. At that time, the artist created several paintings dedicated to peasant life.

The painting "Portrait of a nanny" in 1907 depicts a simple woman. She is sitting on a chair, her appearance is tired. The nanny is modestly dressed, her eyes are alienated. The white apron dilutes the overall modest appearance. Serebryakova skillfully portrayed a woman, she looks very realistic. All her thoughts are clear. Such Russian women-nannies raised children from different families in past centuries. Out of their close control came poets, artists and simply talented people.

The canvas is in storage at the State Budgetary Institution of Culture of the Rostov Region “Taganrog Art Museum”.

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