Description of Vasily Vereshchagin's painting “After Good Luck”

Description of Vasily Vereshchagin's painting “After Good Luck”

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Vereshchagin was twice in Central Asia, which inspired him to write a Turkestan series of paintings. The artist in the East was struck and shocked by everything: from the beauty of human hearts and amazing things created by people's hands to the cruelty and indifference of the world around him.

In many of Vereshchagin’s paintings, one can see the elegance of architecture and, in contrast to this, the poor clothes on the characters.

The connoisseurs of art have accepted the Turkestan series ambiguously. Familiar Vereshchagin landscapes gave way to bloody military brutality, which abounded with new plot compositions. Heads carved from the shoulders, taken like a trophy of victory, have a terrifying effect on every observer.

“After Good Luck” is a vivid example of the military Turkestan theme of Vereshchagin, which depicts the soulless thugs of Asia, evaluating a white man’s head, separated from a bloodied clogged body.

Benoit, a famous critic and art critic, evaluating the artist’s work in general and the picture “After Good Luck” in particular, agreed with those who were outraged by Americanism and the “poor painting” of a man who “cannot be called an artist”. However, he also characterizes Vereshchagin as an unselfish, indefatigable and devoted person.

For many, the military work of Vereshchagin remained incomprehensible. The color palette was amazing, but at the same time, it took the form of color patches against the background of the alienness of the presented paintings.

Kramskoy was one of the few who admired Vereshchagin’s paintings and called the author “the great Russian”, raising the Russian spirit and making hearts beat proudly. He not only openly admired the artist’s work, but also considered the success of the Turkestan series enormous, called for it to be made public, and strongly defended the grandeur of the author’s talent.

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