Description of Franz Mark's painting “Two Women”

Description of Franz Mark's painting “Two Women”

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The canvas of absolute rest. Perhaps this is exactly what this work could be called right away. Two women settled on mountain grass and are talking peacefully. One lady practically lies on her side, and the second only crouched on her side. This allows them to talk to each other about something more intimate. Although you can fantasize here in different ways.

Well, for example, these are two friends who have not seen each other for a long time, and now a meeting has arisen and they probably have something to remember and talk about. Or, for example, this is a mother and daughter. And here, relatives also have something to discuss on vacation. The fact that this happens on the side of the mountain allows us to imply a high-altitude landscape in the background. Why is absolute peace still blowing from this canvas?

But simply there is no sensation or foreboding of trouble or something bad. There is precisely the feeling that you are relaxing with them. Interestingly, we do not see the faces of these women: one covered her face with her hand, because the sun shines directly in her face; the other turned her face to her friend, leaving the artist to depict only her profile.

And now about the colors and details of the canvas. It is worth noting that the artist did not particularly work on the details. Everything is somehow a little sweeping, there are no clear lines - everything is smooth and graceful. By the way, what else brings peace - the lack of clear lines.

The canvas is made with strokes, and therefore the effect of spreading is obtained. And of course the color scheme.

There are two bright spots on the canvas - this is the grass on which the women are located and the blue jacket of one of the beauties. But all attention is paid to green grass, that is, green color. For this, yellow is even very muffled - a hat from one of the women and flowers on the grass. But in general, it is precisely such a not sharp, but competent combination of colors that most likely gives us such a quiet contemplation of the canvas.

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