Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov "Landscape with a Rainbow"

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov

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The unusual creative fate of Aleksey Savrasov began already at the time when the young man was twenty-four years old. After becoming an academician, he continued to work hard in order to finish writing the painting “Rooks Have Arrived” for presentation at the 1st Traveling Exhibition. Undoubtedly, she was praised by critics and the jury as one of the best paintings of our time. This event determined the significance of the author's work in Russian art of the mid-19th century.

By this time, the artist, and by combining the teacher, had gained his authority in the Moscow artistic environment.

He painted many paintings, however, none of the paintings could overshadow the delightful charm of this work. The beauty of nature in the painting "Landscape with a Rainbow" is conveyed unusually fresh and clean. It seems like the air is clear. Despite the fact that the sky is covered with gray colors, the rays of a multi-colored cheerful rainbow stretching upwards give the general grayness a kind of magical joy and fill life with colors. The gloomy sky gradually recedes into the distance, and white birds joyfully soar in the sky. Light colors of the sky enter, filling the entire surface with light, penetrating through spruces and trees that stretch upward to the rainbow.

This picture is devoid of sentimentalism and the panorama effect, which is what distinguished Savrasov from other artists. He was inherent in the method of performing the landscape in a realistic style. He simply chose a compositional angle, loved to experiment with complex tonal transitions and muted colors.

To convey the emotional state of nature, possessing an excellent developed sense of sensitivity, the canvas in the hands of the artist turned into an “expressive story” that secretly described the selfless love of a person in his native land.

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