Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “After the rain. Ples "

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “After the rain. Ples

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I. Levitan painted the picture “After the rain. On it, he depicted his impressions of the Volga, which were collected when he was on this great river.

This work is very significant in his work.

On this canvas everyday life is visible near the Volga. A lot of space is occupied by the image of the coast - nondescript, sparse shrubs, urban buildings on the outskirts.

Apparently, the rain has recently stopped and left puddles, the humidity is felt in the air. Through this cold, dull weather, one gets the feeling that it will soon be warm thanks to the grayish clouds through which the rays of the sun try to break through and touch the ground. And the coast strewn with stones, and not yet dry roofs of houses and shrubs - all this is illuminated by iridescent light.

On the left side of the canvas is a river, on it are a pier and barges. The labor of people who live in the city is connected with it - these are movers, fishermen. Not far from the coast are their poor houses. In the distance, on a hill, you can see a white church with blue domes. Thanks to its graceful silhouette, the work looks more elegant. On this work Levitan expresses the idea that the spiritual world of people and ships, river, marina are interconnected. The center of the canvas is occupied by three masts of small ships, like three church domes.

This work is distinguished by the luxury of the means used, thanks to which the creator was able to show natural freshness after the last rainstorm, and how churches, barges on the river, which is covered by ripples, dwellings, people themselves live harmoniously with it.

In this picture, Levitan appeared before us both as a talented artist and as a person with a big heart. It was as if he wrote a lyric story about the inhabitants of the country, depicting a small town on the Volga coast, steamboats, barges, plain houses and a church.

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